Dead of Night

[Amazon Link] It's been a while since my last Randy Wayne White novel, featuring his hero Marion "Doc" Ford, fulltime biology geek, part-time deadly secret agent. This is the twelfth entry in the series that (as I type) has 19 novels. And it's good!

The plot driver here is an attempt at bioterrorism aimed at Doc's beloved state of Florida. A crackpot/hustler environmentalist has latched onto hordes of dangerous species, and knows enough about the Floridian ecosystem to deploy them to his maximum financial benefit; he's aided by a raft of flunkies, including a deadly female Chechen ex-soldier, who's kinda into sadistic killing.

Doc gets roped into all this doing a favor for a friend: would you look into what my brilliant Asperger's-syndrome brother is up to? Doc finds him being tortured by the bad guys. I hate it when that happens. He gives futile chase, and returns only to find the brother has committed suicide, and his corpse is riddled with disgusting parasites. Who could blame him?

I find Mr. White's novels to be extremely easy reads, and they're just getting better as the series continues.

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