URLs du Jour


  • True leadership I knew someone would be able to articulate my reaction to President Obama's Inaugural Address better than I could. And that someone is James Delingpole at Ricochet. He translates a passage in the speech into What Obama Really Means:

    You, Republican America, are incredibly dumb and I totally hate and despise you. But in order to pretend that I'm some kind of bi-partisan healer I'm going to dress my words up with the kind of imagery that you crazies seem to go mad for. You like God, right? And the Founding Fathers? OK. So here's some nice God 'n' Founding Fathers stuff for you. Happy now? Course you are. You're that dumb -- you didn't even see what I did there. Did you?

    Yeah, I kind of did.

    This goes along with the Obama-approved ad during the campaign that said Mitt Romney was "not one of us". By extension: anyone who voted for a not-Obama isn't "one of us".

  • Bad news: we only have 25 years (counting from, um, last Saturday) until the 32-bit Unix time counter overflows.

    It's too early for panic, but those of us in the early parts of their careers will be the ones who have to deal with the problem.

    On the other hand, given good fortune, I will be 86 years old when that happens. You befuddled young whippersnappers can give me a call at the home.

  • Amy Kane commits a nice little bit of actual journalism on the repairs to the seawall in North Hampton. Key quote:

    “Putting the riprap back to defuse the wave action is probably the biggest help,” said Thompson.

    If you want to know what that means, check it out. Even if you don't live near the New Hampshire seacoast, it's a fine piece of reporting.