Big Ass Spider!

[3.5 stars] [IMDb Link] [Amazon Link]

How can one not help but like a movie titled Big Ass Spider!. Yes, with the exclamation point. Like Airplane! or … well, it turns out to be way more common than you might have thought.

It stars Greg Grunberg as the good-hearted exterminator Alex Mathis. Alex is excellent at his profession, because (he claims) he can think like the pests he is hired to eliminate. Never mind that his most loyal customers tend to pay him with fruitcake instead of dollars. He's doing what he loves.

But a nasty spider bite takes him to the local hospital. Which, coincidentally, also contains a morgue dealing with a corpse, which … aieee! … is serving as a hatchery for a mutant breed of killer arachnid. Look out, morgue attendant! Ooops, too late.

Pretty soon, the US Army is revealed to have been the source of this horrible experiment gone awry. Leland Palmer himself, Ray Wise, shows up as the Army officer in charge of capturing or killing the Big Ass Spider, and he's accompanied by fetching Lt. Karly. But it soon becomes apparent that they need the exterminating help that only Alex can provide.

It's not exactly sophistated humor, but I am easily amused, and chuckled throughout.