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Another movie that I am not proud to have watched, but … you know, Salma Hayek.

Maybe I could get away with claiming that I thought it somehow concerned free-market economist Friedrich Hayek? No, probably not: I've used that excuse five or six times already.

Anyway: Everly is Salma's one-named character, a prostitute in a heap of trouble for trying to inform on her boss, a ruthless Japanese criminal kingpin. After being sexually brutalized by some of his minions, she manages to temporarily turn the tables. But it soon becomes apparent that her boss's entire criminal infrastructure has been targeted to wipe her out. In addition, her long-estranged mother and cute daughter are also targeted.

It's rated R for "strong bloody violence, torture, nudity, sexual images and language", but probably not as much of that rating is due to nudity as one might like.