Some Graphs

Not that it matters, but about a year ago, I made a Resolution to get more serious about blogging. Specifically: at least one post a day. I've managed to do that, starting December 23, 2016.

A small geek note: I even managed to whack on the blog software enough to allow me to schedule posts to appear in the future. I used this feature when Mrs. Salad and I took off for the Midwest back in August for family visiting and eclipse viewing.

Here's a graph I cooked up (using the Chart::Gnuplot Perl module) showing the monthly blog posts since Pun Salad's birth in February 2005:

[Monthly Posts]

You can see the upturn over the past year. I've never matched the heady days of March 2006 though: 67 posts. I was a madman back then.

Once a geek gets hold of a tool, it's tough to stop. Since I had the data nearby, I also plotted the number of books I've read since I started keeping track back in 2003:

[Yearly Books]

And I've been keeping track of the movies I've watched since 2004, so here's that too:

[Yearly Movies]

"Obviously", the time I used to spend watching movies has been diverted into blogging and reading. I suppose that's OK.

We shall return to the usual insights and bloviations tomorrow.