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  • I am still a registered Republican, even though that's pretty nominal these days. I just like voting in primaries. This year, the major GOP candidates vying to run for the US Congressional seat currently held by Toothache Carol Shea-Porter are Eddie Edwards and Andy Sanborn. So in another week, I'll have to decide between those guys, I guess.

    For political wisdom, I usually turn to GraniteGrok. But they have decided to not endorse either candidate in the race, calling the race a "dumpster fire".

    But they have a purity test, and Eddie Edwards flunked it. Grokster Skip writes: “I fully support the Second Amendment!” – no you don’t, Mr. Edwards (Republican candidate for NH CD-1).

    [Edwards] made it clear that he was against allowing teachers and staff being armed, that we had law enforcement to respond to such an active shooter situation and that teachers should not have guns in schools.

    Loyal Readers know that during an interview where there seems to be some sliding, prevarication and deflection, I always return to one of my favorite phrases: “You didn’t answer the question“.  I had to continually follow up on this and so did Grokster Mike who, if anything, is more militant than I on this subject of “shall not be infringed” (again, I believe the NH Constitution’s Article 2A states the case FAR better than the US Constitution’s Second Amendment).  In this, in his own words and reasoning, he would withdraw that Right simply because one is a government worker in that situation even as it is clear that most mass shootings have taken place in gun free zones which most schools are.

    Sanborn has (unlike Edwards) a legislative record which looks pretty good. For example, a 100% score on 2018 Americans for Prosperity-New Hampshire Legislative Scorecard. Downside: he keeps getting nagged for allegations of inappropriate comments of allegedly sexual nature.

    So I dunno. Upside: it's not as if I'm going to cast the deciding vote.

  • National Review's Kyle Smith reviews a hagiographic documentary airing on CNN. And it's amusing: RBG’s RBG Is a Rebuke to Today’s Left

    The person who popularized the handle “Notorious RBG,” a young lawyer named Shana Knizhnik who runs a Tumblr site of that title, says that Ruth Bader Ginsburg “embodies the larger-than-life nature of the ‘notorious’ title more and more as she gets older.”

    No. No she does not. Ginsburg is a recessive, stiff, mild-mannered, halting, tight-lipped, mumbly, hunched, personality-challenged law-elf. It would be hard to think of a major public figure to whom the term “larger than life” is less applicable. She is smaller than life, and smaller than her improbable legend, which (the left seems to have forgotten) began as a running joke predicated on the absurdity of treating this graceful little lady in a lace collar as the Supreme Court’s O.G.

    Yes, she's "one of many progressive justices who predictably ignore the voters, the law and the Constitution to implement from the bench whatever progressive policy they prefer." But she was great friends with Nino Scalia, and that's out of step with the lefties who can't seem to avoid dragging politics into their personal relationships.

  • Jack VanNoord at the Chicago Tribune has a funny yarn: My nephew tried to school me on cultural appropriation. It didn't end well.

    They got him. Just as I feared they would.

    My nephew Kyle came to live with us this summer after his freshman year of college. Apparently he’s now a deputized member of the cultural-appropriation police.

    He hadn’t even unpacked his massive bag of dirty laundry when he made a snide comment about the three straw hats hanging in our hallway collected during our years living in Southeast Asia.

    The next day when Kyle and I were backing out of the driveway and I called out “Adios” to my neighbor, Kyle mumbled, “Appropriate much?”

    But then the following Saturday, I overheard Kyle ask my wife if we had any sunscreen he could borrow. “Brenna and I are going kayaking.”

    I poked my head around the corner. “Mmm. Kayaks. You mean that watercraft appropriated from the Inuit people of the Arctic region?”

    As you might guess, this is a game Kyle will not win against his Uncle Jack.

  • Colin Kaepernick (I assume you know the backstory) got a sweet Nike gig, exemplified with:

    David French has a pretty good response:

    I've never bought absurdly overpriced Nikes in my life, and, sorry Colin, that will continue unchanged.

    And football… haven't decided yet. I probably spend way too much time watching the Red Sox, do I want to add three hours/week watching the Patriots?

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