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2020 Update

The yearly Pun Salad update. Mostly copied from years previous.

Back in 2016, I made an early New Year's resolution to blog more diligently. This was unusual, in that it was actually successful. There have been 1103 consecutive days of Pun Salad posts (not counting book/movie/geek posts) since 2016-12-24. And yet I am still not famous.

I suppose this can't go on forever, but we'll keep trying.

There's twelve more months of data on the chart showing the monthly blog posts since Pun Salad's birth in February 2005: (Hat tip: the Chart::Gnuplot Perl module)

[Pun Salad Monthly Posts]

Last month nearly set a record for posts. It was the second-most prolific overall, only outdone in March 2006. (I must have been unusually gabby back then.)

Once a geek develops a hammer, it's tough to stop finding nails to pound. Here's an updated chart on my book reading; you can tell that I've been trying to read more over the past few years:

[yearly book reading]

Aha, a record for 2019! At least since I've been keeping track.

And movies watched since 2004…

[yearly movies watched]

If not for a heroic amount of movie-watching in December (looks like 17 in that month), this would have been a record low in 2019.

For the curious: My 2019 book list is here; my 2019 movie list is here.