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  • These Hayek quotes are like peanuts; I can't stop consuming them. Here is one that Russ Roberts quotes all the time on his EconTalk podcast (which I recommend, if you're a consumer of such).

  • The Free Beacon compiles a lot of quotes from Democrats explaining why that whole "presumption of innocence" and "due process" stuff is irrelevant when you're conducting a Job Interview.

    The talking point is worth revisiting as presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden seeks the nation's highest office while denying a sexual assault charge made by former Senate aide Tara Reade.

    The accompanying video is pretty good:

    Disclaimer: I'm sure Republicans can be caught as mindless repeaters of prefabricated talking points.

    Advice: Someone should realize that this is not a good look. If you have to distribute talking points to (say) 45 different senators, come up with 45 different ones.

  • The Babylon Bee is supposed to be satire, but is it really? 'Believe Women' Slogan Updated To 'Believe Creepy Old Men With Dementia'.

    The "Believe Women" slogan that was so popular just a couple years ago is said to be obsolete now that Democrats need to support a handsy old man with dementia. So, the movement quietly updated its slogan, replacing it with the updated, more accurate "Believe Creepy Old Men With Dementia."

    "If a handsy old guy who likes to sniff women's hair in broad daylight says he didn't do something inappropriate, then he didn't," said Alyssa Milano. "It's that simple. We hear you, Joe, and we believe you. Don't let the accusers get you down. You do you." Milano then attacked women who don't believe Joe as "Trump enablers" and "science deniers."

    The thing is, I can believe she actually said that. She probably didn't. Right? Er, has anyone checked?

  • You thought we were gonna have a day without Covid-19 content? Sorry. Because the WSJ's James P. Freeman has a goodie that literally made both Mrs. Salad and I laugh out loud: ‘Oh, the Places You Can’t Go!’

    This bizarre shutdown season has prompted a wave of internet memes, including some related to a commencement season favorite from Dr. Seuss. Reader Rebecca Vogel was kind enough to share her recent composition, which is excerpted below:

    Oh, the Places You Can’t Go!

    Today is your day.
    You can’t go many places,
    But you will… someday.
    You have soap on your hands,
    And a mask on your face.
    But you have been banned
    From almost every place.
    Now you are grown. And you know what you know,
    But others decide where it is you can go.

    That's just a bit, and I hope that article isn't paywalled so you can read the whole thing.

  • Michael Graham reports that our state's governor has a lot of room for improvement: Free Market Group Gives Sununu 'Gentleman's C' on COVID Crisis.

    The report, “Grading Our Governors: A Report Card on Reopening States’ Economies,” was issued by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, founded by economists Art Laffer and Stephen Moore, and publisher Steve Forbes.

    “The premise of this report is that — with a few exceptions in some metropolitan areas — the time is long past for every state to reopen safely, smartly, and judiciously so as to end the economic destruction and despair from lockdown,” according to the executive summary. “In this report, we assess how the governors have handled the shutdowns in terms of measuring how restrictive and damaging governors’ edicts have been when it comes to their state’s economy.”

    Could be worse. Michael also reports that Gov. Sununu is also resisting the imposition of a "mandatory mask rule' for when we peons dare to venture outside. Unlike Massachusetts, which is imposing such a rule tomorrow. This is frustrating to Progressive Fascists ("but I repeat myself") such as local former legislator (and Executive Council candidate) Mindi Messmer who favors coercing citizens to wear masks.

  • And finally, the trustworthy American Council on Science and Heath weighs in on how Vitamin D might help you Covidwise:

    Should you take vitamin D pills during the coronavirus crisis just in case? Vitamin D is clearly not a panacea and is most likely useful only in deficiency.

    However, because vitamin D is very affordable and the risk/benefit ratio seems to be favorable, supplements might be reasonable for most people to consider. This is especially so if you are black or brown, are elderly or fully isolating at home.

    “Given [vitamin D’s] rare side effects and its relatively wide safety margin, it may be an important, inexpensive, and safe adjuvant therapy for many diseases,” say the authors of a recent narrative review of the nutrient in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

    Until future large and well-designed studies are completed we just don’t know what the impact of vitamin D might be in COVID-19 specifically. But upping your intake is certainly the least crackpot of all the nutrition ideas out there.

    We were already gobbling down D3 here at Pun Salad Manor, but it's nice to know we aren't totally crazy to do so. Here is a recent article from ACSH on face mask use.