URLs Du Jour (5/13/2005)

Sorry for the lack of posting over the past couple days. I've been both sick and busy. Feeling fine now.

  • I am probably the last person on earth who's noticed Huffington's Toast. Very funny, especially after you've read The Huffington Post.
  • Lileks has the Minneapolis librarians after him. I think they're way in over their heads, but you will want to judge for yourself.
  • Via Reason, a news flash: New Hampshire high school functionaries can be stupidly inflexible. In fact sometimes it seems they're in some sort of competition for the top spot in the category. Isabel Gottlieb of Bow High School, Bow, NH, has discovered that, alas, the principal is not her pal, as he's decided to not let her graduate because she chose to continue in her AP Biology course instead of take Phys Ed.
  • Constrained Katie has mixed feelings about the road song list at the website of the Federal Highway Administration. Forget about the waste of taxpayer money; "Spinning Wheel" by Blood, Sweat, and Tears is noway, nohow a road song. Ride a painted pony, man; what do you think that's about? (Coincidentally—I swear!—I have written to President Bush and urged him to veto this year's Highway Bill.) If you want a good playlist for a road trip, use the non-taxpayer-subsidized one from IowaHawk.
  • I'm a huge geek, but I'm too damn cheap for this. Cool to look at though. (Via Galley Slaves)
  • Oh, I forgot: Aieee, we're not all gonna die. Russell Seitz calls foul on environmental doomsayers.

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