Link List Maintenance

Two Adds, One Drop:

  • La Shawn Barber is a little more religious than the usual member of my link list, but that's OK. She's a dynamite writer, and funny. I got a chuckle out of this, discussing Top Gun:

    I was a mere freshmen in college when I first saw the movie. Every other man paled in comparison to Maverick, which was quite a sight to see since I attended a black college.
  • Possibly the smartest guy in the great state of New Hampshire, Mark Steyn has been inexplicably absent from the list. Remedied. If you want to get a little steamed, or depressed, or both, about the fate of aid given in the wake of last December's tsunami, check his Sun-Times column from today.
  • I've removed Hiawatha Bray's MonitorTan blog, because he hasn't posted in over a month. That's a shame, and I wonder if the controversy drummed up by a lefty pressure group had anything to do with it? (I commented on that here.)

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