URLs Du Jour (5/26/2005)

  • The list of websites that can reliably present their opponents' arguments honestly and fairly is pretty short. Eugene Volokh demonstrates why Slate's not on the list. Disappointing, not surprising. UPDATE: Spoons isn't even disappointed.

    [Everywhere Girl]

  • Are you Everywhere Girl? The search for you has boggled the great minds of cyberspace and made them soft. Click the link for a all-expense-paid trip to London!
  • Speaking of Spoons, they point out that something called the Parents Television Council is objecting to Paris Hilton's ad for Carl's Jr. and their new "Spicy Burger". She's washing a car in a swimsuit that you probably won't be seeing at your local pool anytime soon.

    Let me report that I've checked out the ad myself extensively, and I can tell you Paris is doing a really poor job of getting that car clean; clearly a bad example for youth. I bet Everywhere Girl would do better.

  • "Robert Musil," the Man Without Qualities has apparently resumed posting after a too-long absence. Go there and read.

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