Pootie Tang

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Pootie is so cool, his everyday language has evolved to a state that only a select similarly cool few, like Bob Costas, can figure out what he's talking about. (The subtitle on the movie is: "Sine Your Pitty on the Runny Kine.") His dad was tragically felled by a gorilla in a steel mill. Pootie is popular with everyone except the bad guys; well, the redneck local sheriff is a little miffed at Pootie, but not because Pootie's black; it's because he's reluctant to marry the sheriff's daughter.

Nobody's going to confuse Pootie Tang with The Godfather Part II, but it's unpretentious, good-hearted, and funny on its own terms. I note Roger Ebert gave it a mere half-star, but that just shows that Ebert has gone insane.

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