After the Sunset

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Can't give even an "OK" three stars if I fall asleep during a movie, sorry. It's one of them heist caper movies, overlaid with conflict between Woody Harrelson's perpetually-outwitted FBI agent, Pierce Brosnan's suave thief, and Salma Hayek as his girlfriend/partner in crime. Don Cheadle is a Bahamian gangster, who complicates things. Naomie Harris plays a Bahamian cop, ditto.

And the location was where we spent our Bahamian vacation; somehow the characters managed to avoid the unwashed masses during their vacation. Gotta check that out.

No surprise: Salma is incredibly easy to look at. Kind of a surprise: Pierce Brosnan and Woody Harrelson have more chemistry than do Pierce and Salma; they have some genuinely funny scenes together.

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