URLs du Jour (7/6/2005)

  • Jane Galt does a lovely takedown on a NYT writer, Louis Uichetelle, who bullshits about a book he didn't read carefully, if at all. Comments Jane:

    I don't know where Mr Uichetelle got his Cliff's Notes, but he should ask for a refund.

    and, in an update:

    Actually, maybe I do know where he got his Cliff's Notes--he watched the movie instead of reading the book. Didn't Mr Uichetelle learn in high school that no good can come of this?

    As Prof Reynolds would say: indeed.

  • Similarly, Professor Ann notes that NPR's Nina Totenberg is fantasizing history with respect to Sandra Day O'Connor's appointment. "Ridiculous," says Ann, and you'll agree.
  • Radley Balko has a new blog dedicated to debunking Morgan Spurlock. Reading just a bit will convince you that Spurlock is an even bigger idjit than you previously thought.
  • Via David Skinner at Galley Slaves: I can't decide whether this (QuickTime movie) is sacrilege or very, very, cool. I think what I would think would depend on what Gene Kelly would think. Could someone with the appropriate contacts get back to me on that, please?
  • Via Dave Barry's blog: "Awww, look at that nice poodle. Here doggie, doggie, doggie, … aieeee!!"

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