URLs Du Jour (7/21/2005)

  • If you want to get depressed, read Jerry Taylor's analysis of the energy bill working its way through Congress. According to Jerry, "virtually every section of the bill represents a rejection of free markets and limited government."
  • On the other hand, if you want to get amused, there's a pretty good takedown of a CJRDaily article by Paul McLeary, by Mike Krempasky of RedState.org here. McLeary's article purports to discuss a recent ruling by a federal appeals court on free-speech muzzling campaign finance laws; it is full of sanctimony. "[C]ampaign finance laws are there for a reason," he intones.

    Tellingly, McLeary doesn't link to the actual ruling. Krempasky does (it's here). And it's not hard for him to show that McLeary (to be maximally charitable) misunderstood most of what the decision said. McLeary implies it's all about bloggers and the Internet; but in fact, they aren't mentioned in the decision at all. Saith Krempasky:

    The best part of this? McLeary's piece of excrement has a goal in mind: to argue against expanding the media exemption to include bloggers. You know, because the press is so…neutral. And objective. And…well, honest. You can't make this stuff up. And would someone tell McLeary that a broad extension of the media exemption would protect folks that use corporate facilities to engage in political hackery - even folks at Columbia University.

    Zing! (Of course, if you want to get depressed again, read what the ruling does say.)

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