Marc Cohn

One of my favorite singers, Marc Cohn, was shot in the head yesterday. Not while walking in Memphis, surprisingly, but in a Denver parking garage. And not while driving a silver Thunderbird, either; but in a tour bus. He was not with his True Companion, fortunately, but with his manager.

The reason I can be so flip about this: he's fine. Despite being shot in the head. He went to see the Medicine Man, he with the Healing Hands, and was treated and released from a Denver hospital. After being shot, yes, in the head. (Jesus!)

Saints preserve us.

I don't keep very good track of entertainers' personal lives, even ones I like, and Marc Cohn always struck me as kind of a scruffy type, and it's been a long time since his last album. So when I saw the "Marc Cohn Shot in Head" headline (Jesus!), the worst flashed through my mind: has-been musician falls into world of crime, drugs, and violence with tragic consequences.

But it turns out he's married to ABC News reporter Elizabeth Vargas. So that probably puts a lower bound on down-and-outness right there. And he's got new records coming out (according to his fansite). And he was on a successful tour with Suzanne Vega when … he survived being shot in the head.

So he's doing OK. I'd wish him luck but … I guess he's already got plenty. I hope the publicity helps him sell more music.

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