URLs Du Jour (9/7/2005)

  • Curt Schilling is major good guy, putting up the Fields family, population nine, from New Orleans in a Boston-area hotel. This would have been a quiet, unpublicized act of generosity except that Mr. Fields finally figured out who his benefactor was:

    ''I said, 'Wait a second, I know this guy,' " said Fields, a big baseball fan. ''Schilling . . . Schilling, there's only one Schilling I know, and he's a baseball player! It blew my mind."

    Solemn vow: I will never boo Curt, or even say anything remotely uncomplimentary about Curt, even if he never throws another strike.

  • Bruce Schneier has brief comments on Katrina's implications for national security policy.

    The response by DHS and FEMA was abysmal, and demonstrated how little we've been getting for all our security spending. It's unconscionable that we're wasting our money on national ID cards, airline passenger profiling, and foreign invasions rather than emergency response at home: communications, training, transportation, coordination.

    There's plenty of criticism that can be aimed at other places than DHS and FEMA, but Schneier's main point seems on-target. It smells very much as if homeland security spending is aimed politically, rather than at things that might actually save lives.

    Since such spending typically has "broad bi-partisan support", it's particularly hard to make it a visible political issue, since neither party has anything to gain by complaining that the money they had a hand in spending was wasted.

  • If you have the slightest inclination to take accusations of "price gouging" seriously, hie on over to read Iain Murray at Tech Central Station or (Lordy, I'm in love) Jane Galt at Asymmetrical Information. Preferably both.

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