Just One Look

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Someone needs to come up with a name for the phobia/neurosis/whatever that makes you crave reading material when faced with even a brief period of sitting. I've been known to court disaster by desperately looking for a magazine before heading off to the bathroom.

In this case, my car service appointment took longer than I thought it would, so, after going through the magazines in the waiting room, I walked a mile to a drugstore and bought this book.

I've read a couple of Harlen Coben's books before, and it seemed a safe bet. And it was extremely readable. albeit shamelessly commercial, with a lot of padded description with seemingly no other purpose but to pad the word count out to the author's contractual obligation. The plot is complex, twisty, and (literally) incredible with a host of deliberately colorful characters.

So it's not great literature, but if you're stuck in a waiting room, it's better than reading Field and Stream.

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