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One of the things I did with the Blockbuster online rental program is to rent the DVDs of the TV series Firefly. Both Mrs. Salad and I were extremely impressed and eagerly awaited this movie.

I liked the movie, but didn't absolutely love it. The things I liked were the same things I liked about the series: witty dialog, interesting characters, twisty and quick plotting. But what I didn't like is spoiler-laden, and will, I hope, be hidden below in most browsers. Highlight with your mouse to reveal.

I didn't like: (a) the arbitrary and pointless deaths of two characters from the series, Book and Wash; (b) the deus ex machina of turning River into a (literally) unbelievable indestructible killing machine; (c) at the end, our hero "wins" by the convenient expedient of the primary bad guy essentially giving up, for reasons that don't make a lot of sense.

But overall: recommended.

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