URLs du Jour (10/1/2005)

  • Your Google Search du Jour is insinuendo; try to guess the number of hits before you click. Inspired by this post from the Man Without Qualities, dissecting a Times Select column by "Herr Doktorprofessor Paul Von Krugman."
  • Protein Wisdon provides all you need to know with respect to Bill Bennett and the manufactured controversy over his radio show comments about hypothetical selective abortion and the crime rate. Most interesting is the claim that Bennett should have known better than to use a formulation that could be yanked out of context and kerfufflized. Saith Mr. Wisdom: "such an argument effectively gives the interpreter power over the grounds of interpretation and relativizes language." And of course, he's right. But for the folks who engage in that sort of thing, that's exactly what they want.

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