xXx: State of the Union

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Whoa. This movie is impressively bad. Boring, I fell asleep a couple times. A complete waste of time. It's like an action-thriller parody where they forgot to put in any humor whatsoever. There are a couple good actors here, but they deliver their lines as if they were concentrating on calculating how many dollars per spoken word they were getting paid. Special effects by Industrial Light and Magic, but they must have contracted with their bargain-basement department specializing in cartoonish-looking shots.

And I actually kind of liked xXx, the previous movie in the series. But this movie is obviously aimed at coldly extracting money from the pockets of idiots who mindlessly see action movie sequels. Uh, like me.

Ebert gives this two and a half stars, which further cements my opinion of him as nearly totally worthless.

Avoid at all costs.

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