URLs du Jour (10/3/2005)

  • La Shawn Barber was asked to "respond" to Bill Bennett's remarks on hypothetical racially-selective abortion's effect on crime rates, and she's all over it. (Amusingly, her previous post claimed she was getting lazy about blogging. She got over that pretty darn quick.) Full of good links that will help you get up to speed on the issue, if you're not.
  • Why is government getting so big? Nathan Smith has the answer at Tech Central Station: it's clever libertarians.
  • At Reason, Tim Cavanaugh comments upon the trailer for the upcoming movie V for Vendetta. Nothing earth-shattering here, save for this description of Queen Amidala I found extremely funny:

    Portman, a thespian I wouldn't believe if she were reading the line "Your name is Tim Cavanaugh," looks as unpersuasive as ever, …

    I love that; I hope I remember to steal adapt it to my own use at some later date.

  • And Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers has a blog! How about that? First article: "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M THE NOMINEE!!!"

    Hm, waaaaait a minute …

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