URLs du Jour (10/28/2005)

  • The New York Times ran a story on recent military casualties in Iraq; among the soldiers mentioned was Corporal Jeffrey Starr. Read Michelle Malkin to find out what the Times could have found "fit to print" about Corporal Starr, but didn't.
  • On Scooter Libby, go see Jeff Goldstein, and the Minute Man. And that's all I have to say about that.
  • Suppose you were introducing a brand of clothes specifically aimed at nursing mothers. What clever name could you think up? Whoa, hold on, smart guy, don't make it too clever!

    I've got a good brand name for the baby's clothes, though: "Suckler's Raiment". Ha!

    (That might be the first ever actual pun here at Pun Salad. Sorry.)

  • An optical illusion of a type I hadn't seen before: Mr. Angry and Mrs. Calm. (Via GeekPress, who has a link to the paper describing the trick.)

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