URLs du Jour (10/31/2005)

  • Everybody I like seems also to like Judge Alito for the Supreme Court. Best place to go for links is Michelle (ma belle). But Jeff Goldstein has a unique scoop: Senator Feinstein's crib sheet for the upcoming confirmation hearings. And (more seriously), he has a handy post with quotes from noted libertarian (as opposed to conservative) sources.

    Since I'd written to Senators Sununu and Gregg asking them to oppose Harriet Mier's nomination, I dropped a note this time around asking for them to support Alito.

  • Via Geek Press, an impressive picture of the Grand Canyon Skywalk. My knees go a little weak just looking at the picture. Note: "glass bottom and sides." I can safely predict that this is pretty "high up" (heh) on the list of places you will never see Mrs. Salad.
  • Need a handy example of how someone can handle a dreadful disease with extraordinary bravery and class? Read Cathy Siepp.

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