URLs du Jour (11/9/2005)

  • Bruce Bartlett has increasingly lost patience with Republicans who act like Democrats. Today's primary target in NRO is New Hampshire's own Senator Judd Gregg, who has been out in front of demonizing oil companies and calling for a "windfall profits" tax on them. Choice quote:

    [Republican senators'] purpose seems to be to prove to the American people once and for all that it makes absolutely no difference which party controls Congress; that the same utterly stupid policies are pursued under both Republican and Democratic control. And Republicans wonder why their party's base is evaporating, with many political analysts now predicting heavy losses for the GOP in next year's congressional elections.

    Worse is that Senator Gregg was re-elected in 2004, so we aren't even seeing a shameless demagogic pander of a politician seeing an approaching election. (And as another descent-into-crankdom data point, I've fired off a tsk-tsk message to Senator Gregg.)

  • Did the Internet doom UFO theories? Douglas Kern at Tech Central Station thinks so.

    The Internet showed this particular emperor to be lacking in clothes. If UFOs and alien visitations were genuine, tangible, objective realities, the Internet would be an unstoppable force for detecting them. How long could the vast government conspiracy last, when intrepid UFO investigators could post their prized pictures on the Internet seconds after taking them? How could the Men in Black shut down every website devoted to scans of secret government UFO documents? How could marauding alien kidnappers remain hidden in a nation with millions of webcams?

    (But maybe the aliens were frightened off by the Internet! Yeah, that's it.)

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