Dear Frankie

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OK, this is kind of a chick-flick tearjerker. Frankie is a kid whose mom has run away from her husband; she's told him that his dad is a sailor, out at sea on the Accra. But anyone who knows how movie logic works can guess what comes next: Mom is put in the position where she needs to come up with the truth or find some incredibly complex way to continue the lie. (And, in the movies, such choices are always made the same way.)

But it's still pretty good, because all the actors turn in believble and compelling performances, especially the kid playing Frankie. So (speaking to the guys here), if you need to pick up a movie to impress that special someone with what a sensitive and caring person you are, this is a good choice. I suggest putting on the subtitles, though, because the Scottish accents are pretty thick in spots. And if you find yourself tearing up, for goodness' sake, think of football.

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