URLs du Jour -- 12/6/2005

  • As a computer geek and Star Wars fan (and Simpsons fan), I found this story of how they made the "THX Sound" very interesting. Fascinating geeky factoid: since the program used to generate the sound was based (somewhat) on a random number sequence generated from a time-dependent seed, they were unable to recreate the exact version of the sound everyone liked when it was accidentally lost. (Via BBSpot.)
  • Help send Shawn Macomber to Iraq. No, honest, he wants to go.
  • Every so often, I spy a beautifully written blog entry that helps remind me of What's Important in Life. The Second-Smartest Woman in the World has written three of those recently. Abjure the usual blog-ordering and read the first one first, the second one second, and the third one third.
  • And a blog I had not read before ("What Would Tyler Durden Do"-heh!) has a straightforward analysis of celebrity posturing for death-row Stanley "Tookie" Williams. The blogger points out something usually missed: the pleas for clemency can not stand to mention the names of the people Tookie murdered. What's up with that? (Via Galley Slaves.)

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