URLs du Jour -- 12/13/2005

  • A rare treat: an article by Larry Miller at The Daily Standard. (If you don't know who Larry Miller is, that's OK: you've almost certainly seen him somewhere.)
  • George F. Will remembers Eugene McCarthy, and manages to tie in the beloved New Hampshire Presidential Primary and the despised McCain-Feingold campaign regulations.
  • Lileks migrates from his usual haunts, penning a Year in Review article for The American Enterprise. Must read. Free sample:
    Summer movie season. Ticket sales are way down, and Hollywood wallows in self-pity, wondering what America really wants. The studios collect a stack of comment cards nine miles high that show Americans are craving movies about NASCAR racers who join the Marines, go to Iraq, and kill terrorists with martial arts kicks. The comment cards also indicate that most Americans have no idea where the accent falls on "Affleck." With all of this in mind, astute producers greenlight a picture about how Edward R. Murrow valiantly kept Joe McCarthy from introducing the Patriot Act. Quentin Tarantino starts another film where some guys, okay?, hip guys in black suits, dig? (who turn out to be neo-Nazi, Christian, Canadian separatists) fly planes into public schools. The cockpit-encounter dialogue is killer. Why do they call it a cockpit, man? You don't think that's gay? You think the whole shape of the plane is an accident? It's all just suppressed homoeroticism, man. In the climax, the bad guys will ram their Boeing into a school that refuses to teach Intelligent Design.
    (Via Mr. Hewitt.)
  • And, Lordy, is this ever cool: write some lyrics and the most famous singers in the world will sing them for you. (Via David Post at Volokh; he observes that it might be shut down soon.)