The Italian Job

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I didn't have very high hopes for this movie, but I put it in the Blockbuster queue on a lark. It is a yarn about professional thieves, who need to pull off two insanely complex heists, the second in response to a murderous double-cross after the first. Even with low expectations, I was disappointed.

Although there are some pretty neat driving scenes, that's about it. Everything is utterly predictable. (Watch for the loose end. You'll know exactly how the movie's climax is "surprisingly" resolved.) The dialog is clunky and unmarred by cleverness. No actual acting talent is involved. (OK, well, I'll bump it up a half-star for Seth Green, who has a funny episode when he imagines what Jason Statham is saying to a pretty cable tech.)

You also need to not think very hard about thorny questions of relative morality between (a) the "good" crooks who endanger countless innocent lives without apparent thought during their capers, and (b) the "bad" murdering double-crossing crook.

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