The Interpreter

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Nicole Kidman plays Silvia, who used to live in the fictional African country of Matobo, until most of her family was killed; now she's a translator at the UN. There, she overhears an assassination plot against Motobo's murderous dictator. She dutifully reports this to Secret Service Agent Tobin, played by Sean Penn, who morosely checks it out. (He's morose because his wife was unfaithful, and is now dead.)

It's not the most riveting of movies. It tries to make up for it by being extremely earnest. I think I missed a few minutes slumbering. And it's set in the Fantasyland where the UN is actually interested in doing something about murderous African dictators. Usually in these movies there's a shocking twist where you find out what's really going on; I think I must have missed that. But that's OK.

But thanks to the IMDB I can report one bit of dialog I liked: Silvia is taking a polygraph test. She asks: "When will I know the results?" Tobin replies without hesitation: "Straight away. You know when you're lying, don't you?" Heh.

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