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  • Debra Burlingame weighs in on the wiretapping controversy at Opinion Journal. Powerful argument. Concluding paragraph:

    The public has listened to years of stinging revelations detailing how the government tied its own hands in stopping the devastating attacks of September 11. It is an irresponsible violation of the public trust for members of Congress to weaken the Patriot Act or jeopardize the NSA terrorist surveillance program because of the same illusory theories that cost us so dearly before, or worse, for rank partisan advantage. If they do, and our country sustains yet another catastrophic attack that these antiterrorism tools could have prevented, the phrase "connect the dots" will resonate again--but this time it will refer to the trail of innocent American blood which leads directly to the Senate floor.

    Ms. Burlingame is the widow sister of the pilot whose plane crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11. Somehow I don't think her views will get equivalent media play to those of, say, Cindy Sheehan.

    (Yes, I still think the Patriot Act could use a little trimming, and I still like Senator Sununu's efforts to do that.)

  • How pro-choice are you? A WaPo article describes how quickly those in the "pro-choice" camp can jettison their slogan when some of the people involved don't make the right choice.

  • The Google has removed the "Does Google censor search results?" section from its FAQ page, apparently due to the inconvenient fact, well, that it does now censor search results. But here's the cool part: the old inoperative page is still retrievable from the Google cache. Say Anything has the Google goods. (Via the Corner.)

    Is this irony? Sometimes I get this wrong, but it seems like it should be irony.

  • OK, maybe David Duchovny is on a short ride to undeserved obscurity, but (a) he is married to Téa Leoni; (b) in this article, it's revealed:

    He's got two more screenplays he would like to see made. One called Yoga Man and another Bucky (expletive) Dent. He is quick to admit he will have to change the latter's title.

    To any Hollywood movers and shakers who might be reading this: I'd stand in line to see a movie called Bucky [Expletive] Dent. (Via Surviving Grady.)

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