URLs du Jour


  • Tim Worstall's article at Tech Central Station today is much worth reading. He claims recent studies show (a) the sensitivity of global temperature to CO2 levels is less than thought and (b) economic models estimating future CO2 emissions have a systematic error that cause them to swing high. But unfortunately (c) the UN panel charged with investigating this isn't interested in straightening out this issue expeditiously.
    We are (depending upon which side of the argument you are on) either facing the greatest threat to the health of the planet or we're about to spend trillions upon trillions of dollars on fixing something that doesn't actually need fixing.
    Worstall advocates figuring out which, as would most reasonable people.

  • Cathy Seipp describes why she's a skeptic on gay marriage. For example:
    What agitators for gay marriage never address is why a homosexual domestic partnership should be more worthy of government approval (or employee benefits) than a myriad of other domestic partnerships. Why not two single moms who live together with their children, like Kate & Allie? Or a straight woman and her gay male best friend, like Will & Grace? Or two unmarried heterosexual sisters who live together and share all expenses — kind of an old-fashioned arrangement, but certainly not extinct; I happen to be friends with a pair like this myself. Why can't they get a tax break?
    Maybe Andrew Sullivan should take this up. It'd be more interesting than the over-and-over Bush-bashing.

  • And via the Bleat, your new philosophy: goat on the pole. Some misguided people think the goat is not on the pole; they're wrong, those theories are passé.