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  • Paul Hsieh operates GeekPress, a great daily stop for geeks. In an unusual move, he recently penned a longish (for him) article on global warming skepticism and goes into (as he puts it) soapbox mode.

  • Paul points to this Richard Lindzen article (as I did a few days back) which refers to global warming non-alarmists being "libeled as industry stooges, scientific hacks or worse." At Tech Central Station, Nick Schulz analyzes another example of that scurrilous trend, the latest issue of Vanity Fair sliming Frederick Seitz.

  • But it's not just global warming alarmists who want their opponents to Shut the Bleep Up; out in the wilds of Northern Kentucky University, one Sally Jacobsen undertook what Greg Lukianoff deems "the most perverted inversion of the concept of free speech I have seen in a long time". (Since Greg is the President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, that's quite a distinction.) Prof Jacobsen urged students in one of her classes to go out and destroy an anti-abortion display of about 400 small crosses on campus. In a docile effort to please the teacher, they proceeded to do so; Jacobsen apparently participated in the destruction as well.

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