URLs du Jour


  • Does God hate shrimp? Find out at GodHatesShrimp.com

  • In a great spirit of bipartisanship, David Boaz catches both Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice (Republican) and Senator "Dick" Durbin (Democrat) attributing the Constitution's authorship to Thomas Jefferson. Wrong! (This is Secretary Rice's second strike.)

  • In keeping with Pun Salad's habit of only covering burning (heh) issues after they've burned out: I'm happy that the flag desecration amendment failed yesterday, too bad New Hampshire's "Live Free or Die" senators voted for it (as did all but three Republicans). Good arguments from The Torch and BOTWT. The latter is especially on target:
    Burning the flag is a stupid and ugly act, but there is something lovely and enlightened about a regime that tolerates it in the name of freedom. And of course it has the added benefit of making it easier to spot the idiots.

  • So Mrs. Salad and I were watching Jeopardy last night, and she asked, "Wonder whatever happened to Ken Jennings?" Then today (via Volokh) I see Ken has a blog. He seems to have kept his head on straight; his FAQ is informative and pretty funny in spots.