Lost Embrace

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This could well be the best ever Argentinian movie I'll ever see. It's mainly about Ariel, a moody Jewish kid in Buenos Aires, looking to put together enough documentation to support his claim of Polish citizenship so that he can get out of Argentina and hang around in Europe. We're introduced to his complex family and its history, together with the quirky denizens of the small mall where his mother runs a lingerie shop.

The movie worked for me; the filmmakers cared enough to construct an interesting and believable situation and three-dimensional characters. It's billed as a comedy, and there's a considerable amount of amusement.

Jewish mothers seem to be the same everywhere. Or at least in both American and Argentinian movies; at one point when Ariel claims no interest in having kids, his mom hands him her cake knife and begs, "Kill me!"

Your consumer reporter needs to point out that the cute girl you see on the DVD box over there appears in a single short scene. I was kind of expecting the movie to be about her.

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