URLs du Jour


  • Great couple of articles from Noemie Emery and Patrick Hynes on fickleness toward politicians. Noemie reflects on the Strange New Respect afforded to once-reviled conservatives (specifically Ronald Reagan) by the media (specifically Time) once they are safely dead; Patrick adds on the mirror image of once-lionized liberal politicians getting swept into the memory hole once their usefulness expires.

  • Some readers know that my Day Job involves managing some of the e-mail systems and accounts at UNH. It's always interesting to see what my peers are up to at other institutions of higher learning. Today brings news from Georgetown U, where their mascot, Jack the Bulldog, has his own e-mail account and entry in the online Campus Directory. Jack's in the Theology Department. I would not have guessed that.

    UNH's mascot is a wildcat, and we no longer attempt to maintain a live one. The original, Maizie, didn't live long in captivity; she's now contentedly stuffed, and does not read her e-mail.

  • Objects of Geek Affection Department: first that nice Pam Beesely from The Office bares all for Wired magazine, then prickly übergeek Chloe O'Brien from 24 does some sort of weapon modelling in outfits not appropriate for CTU. What's the world coming to, eh?