URLs du Jour


Pun Salad doesn't play very hard at inside-baseball politics, leaving that sort of thing to the ever-growing Granite Grok Media Empire. But the New Hampshire Presidential Primary is a mere (tentatively scheduled) 251 days away as I type. Dagnabbit, it's time to start paying attention. So:

  • I don't mind voting for candidates with less than zero chance of winning. So I was thinkin' about voting for Ron Paul, arguably the most libertarian candidate. Unfortunately, he's got a blame-America-first isolationist streak that flatly disqualifies him.

  • And I'm darned if this isn't the cutest lil' political graphic I've seen lately:

    [Cute graphic since removed from the "RudyMcRomney" site]

    They're "RINOs"—get it? Heh!

  • Everybody and his mother has linked to the cool Fred Thompson video, so why should I be an exception?

  • Also cool is Bruce Willis, who went to geeky extreme measures to prove he was really he. To tie it into our theme today: I'm up for a Thompson/Willis ticket in 2008. (OK, the Willis part is only semi-serious. But still, they worked well together in Die Hard 2.)

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