Send Your Underwear to the Undersecretary!

Pun Salad was all over the recent Consumer Reports article reporting that new Federal regulations mandating "efficient" clothes washers are forcing consumers to choose between spending $900 or more, or buying something that doesn't actually get your clothes very clean.

Since this was Consumer Reports, when forced to make a call between being on the side of government or the consumer, their choice was pretty easy: they "wholeheartedly support" the regulations.

Fortunately, there's an actual pro-consumer group that noticed this, and has the wherewithal to produce a campaign, complete with YouTube goodness:

Unfortunately the young lady has a voice that can most politely described as "grating". Yet, her suggestion is charming: send a pair of your underwear to—heh!—the Undersecretary of Energy, Mr. Dennis R. Spurgeon. (If you choose to do that, please observe the USPS regulations on the mailing of hazardous substances. Especially if you have one of those new washers.)

Last Modified 2012-10-19 1:40 PM EDT