Mr. Bean's Holiday

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I was kind of surprised (pleasantly, though) to see another Mr. Bean movie; I looked, and it's been ten years since the last one.

For people not acquainted: Bean is the oddest of odd ducks. Nearly wordless, he causes confusion and chaos whereever he goes. In this outing, he goes to France, on a richly deserved holiday to Cannes. The only French he knows: oui, non, and … gracias. Along the way, he interacts with a snooty French waiter, a Russian father and son, an egomaniacal American film director, a beautiful French actress, and assorted minor victims.

I would rate this slightly higher, but—I just realized—I don't remember thing one about the first Mr. Bean movie, and precious little about the TV series; there's something about this kind of humor that doesn't stick with me. Never mind, I had a good time. G-rated, so you can take the kiddos.

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