The Phony Campaign

2007-09-16 Update

Today's update shows only minor movement in phoniness … with one obvious exception!

Query StringHit CountChange Since
"Hillary Clinton" phony378,000-8,000
"Ron Paul" phony299,000+41,000
"John McCain" phony298,000-6,000
"John Edwards" phony292,000-1,000
"Barack Obama" phony247,000-2,000
"Fred Thompson" phony220,000+2,000
"Mitt Romney" phony203,000-12,000
"Rudy Giuliani" phony179,000-1,000
"Dennis Kucinich" phony118,000-4,000
"Dave Burge" phony65+4

Yes, Ron Paul has made a big move upward, from fourth to second place. I don't think we've seen a two-place jump in phoniness since we started keeping track.

But the news behind the hits is mixed, at best. For example, it appears Dr. Paul may be losing his grasp on the hate-filled paranoid lunatic vote, as typified by this site. The news is grim:

The original version of this website has been discontinued due to our former sponsor keeping the revenue earned and canceling our agreement.
Oh no! But that's not all:
Furthermore, we no longer support Ron Paul for President in 2008 since he has abandoned the millions of 911 truth seekers and honest people who thirst for truth, justice and honor. Ron Paul has given in to pressure and now supports the government's lies.
In normal-people English: Paul's no longer deranged enough for them. Oh, bitter betrayal!

There's also a "simple cartoon" on the site that "explains very quickly how the World Bank operates". You'll laugh, or cry, maybe both.

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