URLs du Jour


  • David Weigel shows why, in a just world, there would be nobody even close to competing with John Edwards in the Phony Campaign.

  • David Freddoso lists the senators who, by their votes for SCHIP, "voted for a very large tax increase yesterday." In the list is John Sununu (R-N.H.). Moan. My guess is that he prefers not to add to his "attackable" record for next year's campaign. Still: wish he'd voted the other way. (Here's CATO on SCHIP as a policy. Here's Robert Novak on the politics.)

  • But it's not all guys named David here at Pun Salad: National Review Online is having a Star Trek Weekend, with eleven articles around that theme. Someone lost a bet, or something. If you're interested, … oh, you're already gone. (But, for true Trekkies: try to find the egregious error in the Lileks article.)

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