Talkin' 'Bout My G-G-Generation

Pun Salad likes reading snarky articles about the Baby Boomers. And there's nobody snarkier than P. J. O'Rourke, so go check him out.

How can present Social Security allotments be expected to fund our sky-diving, bungee-jumping, hang gliding and white-water rafting, our skiing, golf and scuba excursions, our photo safaris to Africa, bike tours of Tuscany and sojourns at Indian ashrams, our tennis clinics, spa treatments, gym memberships and personal fitness training, our luxury cruises to the Galapagos and Antarctica, the vacation homes in Hilton Head and Vail, the lap pools, Jacuzzis, and clay courts being built thereat and the his and hers Harley Davidsons?
Yeah, baby. You heard him: "thereat." So cough it up, kids.