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This was a good movie with some laughs and excitement. It's a PG-13 fantasy, which means (in this case) that some characters sleep with each other, and some other characters kill each other with varying degrees of gruesomeness. It's not for the kiddos, or for those who would prefer their fantasies more along the lines of Live Free or Die Hard.

The premise is that the normal-world remote English village of Wall is separated from the magical land of Stormhold by, well, a wall. One with a gap in it. One brave Wall adventurer dodges the gap guard, visits the adjacent magic village, gets seduced by a comely slave wench. Nine months later a baby arrives… the action picks up again when the baby grows up and ventures back into Stormhold for reasons of his own.

The plot is complex, and there's a lot to keep track of. (That's the downside of movies that have magic in them: everything grinds to a halt while it's explained what the magical rules are. Why P can do X magically, but Q can't do Y.)

Claire Danes is in this as a literal fallen star, and she's fine. Robert De Niro plays a gay pirate, and shows that he can embrace offensive homosexual stereotypes just as well as Robin Williams.

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