URLs du Jour


  • CNSNews catches Nancy Pelosi in a bogosity:
    In her April 22 Earth Day news release, Pelosi said, "The Bible tells us in the Old Testament, 'To minister to the needs of God's creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us.'"
    Only problem is: nobody can find that, or anything close, in an actual Bible.

    The article notes that, in the past, the Speaker has even gone so far as claiming the quote is from Isaiah. If she wants to accurately quote Isaiah, I found something in chapter 65, verse 5 that would be appropriate for her:

    Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou.
    (Via Instapundit.)

  • An occasional stop—OK, OK, an almost daily stop— is http://icanhascheezburger.com/ where animal pictures are paired with bizarre captions, many in so-called Lolspeak, for example:

    humorous pictures

    Awwwww! If that appeals to you, they are hiring:

    "I can haz dream Job? My rezumez! let me showz u thm"

    That's the subject line of a cover letter sent by a job applicant to I Can Has Cheezburger, one of the premier sites for so-called Lolcat pictures.

    Don't think the letter will be rejected out of hand — bad spelling is no obstacle to a job in Lolcat world. It may even be an asset.

  • Seen at the bottom of the Bad Astronomy blog:
    Luke: I am your footer.
    As they say: Heh!