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Pun Salad's famed Lazy Research DivisionTM brings you the results of its latest project: how the web refers to "people who support Obama".

Query StringHit Count
Obamaniacs 28,500
Obamites 25,700
Obamaphiles 10,300
Obamans 4,710
Obamanians 1,640
Obamers 590
Obamoids 468
Obamatics 296
Baraqis 112
Obamateers 57
Obamigos 3
Obamards 3

Uh, I'm out. Anyone else?

Comments: the result for "Obamateers" is disappointing, because that is our current favorite. We have heard that his support is weak in the Hispanic community, so maybe that explains the lack of "Obamigos" while Clintonistas show up with 93,500 hits.

There are 406 hits for "Obamish," 335 hits for "Obamics,"and 146 hits for "Obamese", but the references apply more to language than people. (E. g.: "I left my Obamese to English dictionary in my car!") So those are not included in the table.

And yes, someone's done "Hooked on Obamics."

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