Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

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Why, yes, I did watch two Odette Yustman movies in a row. Good catch.

This is another product from the Judd Apatow Raunch Factory, but (as usual with him) it's decently funny. It purports to tell the story of music legend Dewey Cox, from the tragic beginnings of his musical career to its twilight. Along the way, Dewey hits all the clichés that you have ever seen in a musician biopic: sex (in hi-fidelity, lo-fidelity, and infidelity modes), drugs, family dysfunction, creative blockage, commercial sellout, delusions of grandeur and transcendental insight, and so on. (This extends to minor things: as in, scripted dialogue in which famous people call each other by their full names, so the audience will know who's supposed to be who.)

Dewey is played by the great John C. Reilly, and two of my favorite comedienees, Kristen Wiig and Jenna Fischer, appear in major roles as two of Dewey's wives—unfortunately, simultaneous at one point.

I probably missed some of the references, and I noticed a lot of them. There are also a boatload of cameo appearances, even more in the "Unrated Directors Cut" version on the DVD. And it's eminently forgettable, other than the frontal male nudity that I could have done without.

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