Free Fall in Crimson

[Amazon Link] One of my slow-motion reading projects is to go through the Travis McGee series from John D. MacDonald.

In this one, Travis is recovering from the events of the previous book, The Green Ripper, in which he lost his love Gretel. A friend asks him to check out the unsolved two-year-old murder of his tycoon father; by seeming coincidence, the timing of his death turned out to work to the financial benefit of one of the tycoon's ex-wives. Any skulduggery, there, Trav?

Well, of course there is.

Even though the book was written back in the early 80's, there's not much that seems glaringly out of date. McGee's beloved Florida is threatened by overpopulation. He encounters bikers, the drug trade, shady movie folk, and hot air balloons. We still have those things today!

But mainly one notices MacDonald's masterful way with the written word, sharp insightful observations, described well. He's been dead for over twenty years, but reading one of his books will make me miss him all over again.

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