Tell No One

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A French movie, filmed with a shaky camera. (Although the DVD has an English dub track, we didn't use it. We should have.) It's based on a novel by American mystery/thriller writer Harlen Coben.

Alex and his wife Margot nip off to a small lake with romance in mind, but after a small spat Margot swims off. Chasing her, Alex gets knocked unconcious. When he wakes up days later, everyone's convinced that Margot was a victim of a serial killer.

Eight years later, however, two bodies are discovered near the original scene of the crime, and Alex gets an e-mail from someone claiming to be Margot. Pretty soon, Alex gets framed for another murder, goes on the lam (there's a pretty good chase scene), and falls in with some shady characters, some on his side, most not.

It's a fantastically complex plot, and (for English-speakers who stupidly forego the dub) some important stuff is only revealed in the blink-and-you'll-miss-it subtitles. Things aren't as they seem, of course, and it turns out that what we thought was the beginning of the story was actually somewhere in the middle. In short, this isn't a movie where you can let your attention lapse.

François Berléand plays a smart French police detective here; I recognized him from the Transporter movies, where he also plays a smart French police detective. Typecasting: it's not just done in America.

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