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  • La Shawn Barber notes that Bucknell students will be spared from unauthorized criticism of racial preferences, in the form of an Affirmative Action Bake Sale. (Different-genomed students are charged different prices.) And of course the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has the story as well, with a pointer to video.

    On the video, an administrator shows up at the event and demands that it be shut down. Apparently, the bake sale prices were not exactly the same as those the group originally put on its approval forms (the group actually charged less than it said it would), which the administrator used as a reason for shutting them down. The administrator actually says that because of this discrepancy, "we have the opportunity to shut you down." (Emphasis ours.) Some opportunity! When the group offered to change the prices on the sign in order to keep the protest going, the administrator refused to allow it. Who knew that charging lower prices for baked goods was such a heinous offense?

    I know it's a rhetorical question, but I'll answer anyway: anyone who's had any experience with university administrators.

  • I posted before on the intelligence-insulting 90-day $100 million budget cuts ordered by President Obama. But this clever YouTuber has done a fantastic job of visual representation.

  • Forsythia. Raven's not a fan.

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