URLs du Jour


  • Victor Davis Hanson looks back on the unmitigated disaster that was the first 100 days of the Palin presidency, as seen by liberal pundits.
    Also in the Times, Gail Collins weighed in on the already-tired yokelism of the new commander in chief. "What we're getting is Wasilla chic. That's what we're getting. She arrives in the Oval Office, and first thing sends back Blair's gift of the Churchill bust as if it's a once-worn Penney's outfit. Then she gives the Brits some unwatchable DVDs as a booby prize -- as if she idled the old Yukon and ran into Target's sale aisle. Did Sarah send Bristol into Wal-Mart back in Anchorage for that 'engraved' iPod for the queen? And what's this don't-bow-to-the-queen stuff, but curtsy for a Saudi sheik? Maybe that explains why she brags to Stephanopoulos about her 'Muslim faith.' So far, the best things going for her are Todd's biceps."
    Of course, they would have probably been just as hard on a Democrat who'd done the same idiotic things.

  • If you need to be reminded of the wacky disconnection between President Obama's fiscal words and fiscal actions, Jacob Sullum is your go-to guy:
    "We can no longer afford to spend as if deficits do not matter and waste is not our problem," the president said last week. "We can no longer afford to leave the hard choices for the next budget, the next administration -- or the next generation." I wish that Obama had some influence on the one who is setting the administration's fiscal policy.

  • Cool illusions, via Jonah at the Corner. I'm not kidding, they're really neat. None of your father's "which line looks longer" stuff.